Premiered at Linbury Studio, Covent Garden, London in 2012.

Piece commissioned by the Royal Ballet and WM|RD.

Alpha Episodes has been created for Edward Watson, Eric Underwood and Paul Kay from The Royal Ballet, and examines new expressions of masculinity. Swedish composer Dag Rosenqvist, blended with text from The Waves by Virginia Woolf, sets the work to a lyrical electro-acoustic score.

Choreography: Paolo Mangiola

Dancers: Edward Watson, Eric Underwood and Paul Kay

Original score: Dag Rosenqvist

Light: Michael Smith

Costumes: Ivan Curia Nunes


“With gorgeous, sinewy, winding tableaux. Mangiola’s movement style, melds the long lines of classical ballet with something more grounded and physical.”
DANCE TABS on Alpha Episodes

“Mangiola succeeded in giving a choreographic overview of the tribal tussles for “alphadom” when three men are enclosed within the same territory.”
LONDON DANCE on Alpha Episodes

“The most interesting use of the body comes from Mangiola in his Alpha Episodes. It’s as much of a showpiece for these statuesque bodies as any classical solo.”
EVENING STANDARD on Alpha Episodes